Sunrise at Old Town, Koh Lanta, Krabi, Thailand
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Koh Lanta
  1. Koh Lanta Map
    Only a short car ferry ride from the mainland (and 1.5 hours from Krabi town/airport). Koh Lanta is 2 islands joined together by a bridge. Lanta Noi is a farming island and many Thai's live on this island but work on the tourist island of Koh Lanta Yai. Koh Lanta Yai, boasts nearly 20 beaches all down the West coast of the island and mangroves between the 2 islands. Koh Lanta is only 34 km long and 8km wide, so it is easy to explore in a car or on a motorbike.
    Koh Lanta
    "Koh Lanta has a gentler pace than many other Thai islands"
  2. Old Town Koh Lanta
    Lanta Old Town, the original main town of the island, is a 'must see' for anyone visiting Koh Lanta. A much more traditional and less touristy town, it feels like you have moved to a lovely village, where everyone knows everyone. Old town is a 20 minute drive from the Western villages. Old town is usually the location of many festivals throughout the year. The locals take great pride in decorating the town and for a few days, Old Town is the only place to go on Lanta.
    Lanta Old Town
    "The most beautiful & peaceful place on Lanta"
  3. Aerial view of Koh Lanta (North end)
    The town of Saladan, right at the top of the island, is where most passenger and car ferries arrive. A bustling little town, with many shops and restaurants over the sea, this town is usually quite busy throughout the day. Klong Dao Beach and Long Beach (Phra Ae) are probably the most popular beaches on the island, with great beaches and many many hotels. Klong Kong mainly caters for the backpacking tourist, so usually cheap to eat and drink here.
    The North West & Saladan
    "The most populated area of Koh Lanta"
  4. Longtail on beach
    Klong Nin is located in the middle of the island's west coast and has a fantastic beach and excellent beach bar scene. Kantiang Bay is renowned for it's 'hip' village, with great cafes, shops and bars, and it's 5 star Hotels. Further south the island is much quieter with almost empty beaches and the entrance to Koh Lanta National Park. Here you can enjoy the stunning beaches, tropical surroundings and, of course, monkeys.
    The South West
    "Stunning empty beaches"